John S. Suarez


I am John S. Suarez and I own this website. METALLICASH.COM is an independent website promoting AuAgMetals Club.

AuAgMetals Club is owned by a 28 Year, 100% Disabled Combat Retired Veteran who came out of retirement after 4 years & invented the “Creating Entrepreneurs the Clever Way System”!

We offer some of the best products in the sales industry today not to mention an incredible chance to earn Precious Metals, Vacation Certificates & track it all with our state-of-the-art Customer Retention Management (CRM) system!

When you join us, we show you how to start and build your AuAg Metals Club business by finding two people who will replicate what you're doing and helping them find their two people under them, at which point, you cycle, meaning you have earned your $60.00.

The $20.00 you need to start to cycle again is already included so you will not be needing to use your own money again to start the cycle again. You can do this again and again, hence, you will be earning $60.00 over and over again.

Your One-Time Purchase… Gets You Lifetime Access To: